Handmade Paper from Nepal

Handmade paper from the Himalayas is an ancient craft of Nepal. the paper in this product is made of Daphne Bark from managed forest in the hills of Nepal. The product is manufactured by crafts persons in the Medieval town of Bhaktapur. Proceeds from the sale are used for Community Development activities under a Community […]

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Vendor Spot-Light

Our feature product of the week is Marian’s Black Bean Soup from Women’s Bean Project. Soup connotes nourishment and warmth and a sense of home and community. That is exactly the environment WBP creates for the women who go to the Bean Project to create a new future for themselves, their families, their community and […]

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Product Spot-Light: Jam Town Instruments

-Mother Owl and  Owl’s Nest are a celebration of the ancient art of fire burnt gourds. The technique predates  painting of pottery. That’s OLD! The Cochas Chico village is the village most famous for  the craft. It is located 6 hours West of the Lima Peru, by bus. These gourds grow easily in the lowlands […]

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GVC: February Chocolate Giveaway!

Check out our new contest! All you have to do is ‘share’ or ‘like’ this post on Facebook and you will be entered to win these chocolate delights! Contest ends on February 13th and a winner will be randomly chosen. *You must stop in the store to claim your prize.

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Make a Difference Locally!

Women’s Bean Project is an organization dedicated to helping unemployed and impoverished women support themselves and their families. The work they do helps them gain income, experience, and confidence to continue to find and keep employment in the future. They make a wide range of food products like soup, chili, cookie, brownie, and cornbread mixes, […]

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Vendor Spot Light: Venture Imports

Venture Imports provides us with some of the most stunning and unique jewelry offered at Global Village Collection. Venture Imports partners with artisans around the world who use creative and sustainable materials like recycled glass and agave plant fibers. The artisans create the most beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Their most popular line in Global Village […]

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Tagua nut bracelets

Vendor Spot Light: Minga Imports

  Minga works with many hand selected specialty artisans in South America to  ensure that that their customers around the world enjoy quality gift and household items. Their specialty items include Alpaca Silver, a combination of copper, nickel, and zinc, which won’t tarnish like sterling silver. They make a wide selection of jewelry made from […]

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