Foodies Delight

We take great pride in the food we carry.

It is truly gourmet, not to mention fair trade and organic, of course!

Our coffee comes from a company paying its farmers significantly above even the fair trade minimum, with a generous premium, as well. This company also works with communities in Ethiopia to build schools, Mexico to build wells, and the West Bank to plant olive trees.

The beans are of the highest quality—grown in the top 2 tiers of shade grown coffee (there are 5 tiers).

Not only does this produce a much better bean, it also preserves the environment and wildlife. Oh, and it is all small batch roasted.

Our hand rolled loose leaf tea stands among only 14 tea estates in the entire world that are both organic and fair trade.

The founder of this tea company, Angela Macke, is also a registered nurse and focuses on healthy teas—watch this great video in which she explains how to make “the perfect up of tea”, and the many health benefits of tea.

Our chocolate is one of our favorites, and one of the most crucial foods to buy fair trade.

Child slavery is a huge problem in the mainstream chocolate industry.

Buying fair trade not only guarantees farmers fair wages—but also assures that no child was enslaved to harvest the cocoa beans. Justice tastes so sweet.

Our preserves come from a company that founded the US domestic fair trade organization.

They are great for breakfast toast and pastries, horsde’ovuers or salad dressing! A few that we carry included wild blueberry merlot, blackberry chardonnay, apricot chardonnay, strawberry basil, autumn berry, and many many more.

Check out 21 great recipes:  We also carry Wild Leek Marinara, Blueberry Salsa, Cherry Salsa, Honey Mustard, and more!

How about some bean soup with cornbread? We’ve got that!

We also carry chocolate chip cookie mix, dark chocolate brownie mix, and many chip dips. This company employs women in Colorado, temporarily, while providing job training and essential skills, then assists them in obtaining their desired occupation.

Don’t forget the Madagascar vanilla and vanilla beans. Madagascar produces the


Being fair includes fair practices in the US as well as other countries.