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Hair Accessories

hair 3hair1 When you purchase one of our many beautiful, hand-crafted hair accessories, you are helping artisans all over the world.  Through Fair Trade, we strive to provide these artisans with a way to overcome socioeconomic barriers and work to lead sustainable lives. We carry a variety of hair accessories from all over the world!

equal exchange coffeeCoffee Fair and Tasty “Our passion for quality drives our worker-owned roastery to bring out the finest characteristics in these amazing coffee beans with each batch we roast. We invite you to enjoy a great cup of coffee, while also supporting small farmers, their communities, and the planet we all share.”
Bags, iPad cases, and wallets! Handcrafted, Eco-Friendly, and Fair “The people of El Salvador are among the most generous and determined you’ll find anywhere. Emerging from a civil war, they are striving to improve their daily lives and rebuild their ravaged country. This company works with individuals and coops to help them earn a living wage and provide a brighter future for themselves and their children.” We have bags, iPad cases, and wallets made out of recycled inner tubes, and handbags made from indigo, teak, tree moss, and other organic materials.
Recycled Paper and Metal Jewelry An artisan quote: “Please tell the people who buy our products that they are a blessing in our lives. When they buy our products, they are indirectly looking after our families. They are feeding us with our children, we are able to pay school fees thus they help them acquire education which we had failed to give them. They give hope to the hopeless. Before I could make different products, but getting someone to buy was not very easy. Sometimes you wake-up very early to go and sell but come back with very little and at times with nothing, yet it is the only source of income. The distance from my home to the market place is six miles but when you fail to sell it means you have to walk by foot back. That is how it is. So do really thank those people for us. Truly they are a blessing to us and our families.”
Socks!socks This supplier is a staunch supporter of fair labor practices, responsible business ethics, and environmental stewardship. It partners with a close-knit community of farmers, yarn mills and garment assemblers in both the U.S. and abroad.