Part of Global Village’s mission is to promote and support human-needs programs, and think locally whenever appropriate. Therefore the store collaborates with partners throughout the area.

Here are some opportunities churches and other non-profit organizations can consider.

Expanding Locations

Global Village is proud to announce our new off-branch at Willow Brook Christian Village, across from The Market at Café 100. They offer many of our products and food stuffs for sale in the shop. See the article in the Delaware Gazette HERE.

Current Coffee Hour Partnerships

What is a coffee hour? Coffee hour (or tea!) is a Global Village hosted fellowship time. Since moving to our new larger home in November of 2011, we have been able host many “coffee hours” for local churches. This benefit is also available for other non-profit organizations. We open our store at 27 North Sandusky Street, outside of normal store hours if necessary, and provide refreshments. A church or organization can shop and socialize in our store, knowing that 10% of all their sales on that day go back to their church or organization. It’s a fantastic fundraising opportunity – shopping fair trade helps others, friends can enjoy delicious coffee or tea and snacks, and 10% of sales go back to the sponsoring party. It’s a win-win-win! If your church or organization is interested in having a Global Village Coffee Hour fundraiser, please contact us at 740.363.6267 or email us (

Mainstreet Delaware

Mainstreet Delaware is a non-profit economic development organization advocating for the downtown business district. It hosts First Friday —which Global Village Collection enthusiastically supports; the Farmer’s Market—providing fresh ingredients for many of our gourmet food recipes; Game-On Saturdays; and many more. In addition Mainstreet Delaware supports downtown businesses through free design consultations, business trainings, etc.

Ohio Wesleyan University

Global Village has partnered with OWU on countless initiatives, events, and projects since our inception in 1982. In fact, OWU was one of our founding partners—the store’s 2nd location was in its Corns Building. In partnership with Ohio Wesleyan we brought many high profile speakers to Ohio Wesleyan, including Kalpona Akter, a former child factory worker from the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity. We have partnered with VIVA, an Hispanic awareness organization, to bring the annual Salsa Festival which raises funds to support a different need each year in Central or South America. OWU students are both volunteers and interns in the store.