Why Fair Trade

Do you appreciate beautifully handcrafted, unique items that are not the same as what everyone else has? Do you enjoy giving gifts that are particularly meaningful to both you and your gift recipient? What about savoring delicious coffee, olive oil, chocolate, rice and other healthy food items?

Fair trade is a way to bring tasty or beautiful items into your community while ALSO supporting artisans and farmers in different parts of the world. You can become a conscientious consumer, providing them with markets and a way to make a respectful living without relying on charity. You can buy fair trade items, and look for fair trade logos for any or all of these reasons.

Global Village is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing reasonably priced, high quality items that are based on the principles of fair trade. 95% or more of the goods in the store are fair trade (the other 5% are “fair” but produced in the US so this country’s fair labor laws already apply.)


When you choose to purchase fair trade products, you are endorsing an economic system that…

  • provides opportunities for producers to lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Fair trade provides assurances to consumers that producers are paid fair prices for their products and labor.
  • It gives producers more direct-market access, which removes many of the “middle-men” who traditionally have absorbed the majority of the profits.
  • In addition, fair trade provides a set of requirements that assure consumers that strict standards have been met to protect the environment, build economic sustainability, empower women, and allow opportunities for education, poverty alleviation, and health care.
  • Fair trade also prohibits child labor.

Myths About Fair Trade